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Dear Running Community (both near and far)-

We started this business almost 5 years ago for one simple reason-our area needed more.  We both enjoyed and continue to enjoy successful businesses in our "day jobs".  We had both independently noticed that the races in our area were a mess.  They didn't start on time and were often times poorly managed.  We did what we thought would be healthy for our own running community and provided some much needed competition.  

Over the years we have timed a lot of races and been part of supporting some amazing causes.  We've timed races locally as well as Wilmington, West Virginia, King's Mountain, and we even ventured down to Clemson, SC where we earned stories that will STAY in SC. 

We've worked with some amazing people.  Our friends and families have provided us with a ton of support for low or no pay except an always hearty Biscuitville/Bojangles breakfast! Carlos, Emily, Macie, Stephanie, Charlie, Kevin, Grayson, Logan, Curran, Evan, Scotty, and a few names I'm probably leaving out have all helped us meet our mission.

It has been a privilege to work with our race directors as well.  We've watched races grow from nothing into thriving events and have been inspired by many of the causes we were fortunate enough to work with.  In particular, Declan's Dash, Miles for Matthew, and the Autism Race have been races that made us better people for the effort.  

We want to say a deeply felt thank you to all of the people that have entrusted us with their events and for the runners who have made us laugh, entertained, inspired, and challenged us.

A lot of people have asked us why we would quit now.  The answer is as simple as when we started-we both have kids that keep us very busy and the kids are involved in activities now that dominate our time during the nights and weekends.  As much as we would like to continue to give to the racing community, we have to focus on our families.

This venture was never about money.  Although the business continues to make money and has provided us with quite a bit of "extra" over the years, our TIME with our families has to take priority.  We have made the conscious decision over the past couple of years to slow down and now seems like the right time to call it a day.

So the Reindeer Romp on December 13 will be our swan song.  DJ Neal and the Wheels of Steel will be rock'n the mic.  Chris will be internally frantic while looking cool under pressure.  Somewhere Kevin will be napping while someone holds his biscuit. The races will go on and we look forward to actually RUNNING in some of them.  

Lastly we will say that we are leaving our running community in good hands.  We have some very good and talented folks timing races. 

If you need help with your race, think about Benji over at Jones Racing. You can also give the folks over at Trivium a call.   We will be watching...the kids will grow up one day and should the need arise, we can always dust off the timing system.

Thanks again.

Yours in running,

Neal and Chris


Thanks Again for Everything!


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Please note that we are no longer accepting races - and plan to cease operations at 11:59 pm on December 13, 2014.

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